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48, rue Charles Martel
L- 2134 Luxembourg

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P.O. Box 1106
L-1011 Luxembourg

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Phone: +352 27 027 1
Fax: +352 27 027 275

Regulatory information

Public Limited Liability Company incorporated under Luxembourg law

Registration number with the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register (Registre de Commerce et des Sociétés de Luxembourg): B 117.963

CBP Quilvest S.A. is subject to the supervision of the Luxembourg financial regulator and supervisory authority (the Commission de surveillance du secteur financier (CSSF)).

Supervisory authority

Commission de surveillance du secteur financier
110, route d’Arlon
L-1150 Luxembourg
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Personal data protection is one of our main concerns.

As a bank, we may collect some personal information regarding one or more natural persons, including visitors to our website (for example, when access to some website pages is subject to the prior disclosure of certain information by the user).

Once that personal information has been collected, it is processed and stored, and may be transferred, corrected and/or deleted. As a responsible data controller, we act in compliance with the applicable data protection regulations and with our commitments, while also respecting the rules imposed on all entities of the Quilvest Wealth Management Group.

In order to provide you with the greatest transparency regarding our practices, we have made available an information sheet on “Personal data processing”, which may be updated over time. This information sheet is intended to inform any interested parties of the personal information we collect, the purpose for collecting such information, who we share it with, how long we keep it and what rights the people concerned by such information have (and how those rights are exercised).

Additional information may be communicated to you when you subscribe to a specific product or service and/or pursuant to general or specific conditions.

Lastly, we would like to remind users that the email address is intended for the sole purpose of enabling the general and non-binding exchange of information between CBP Quilvest and a user who would not be a customer or prospect of CBP Quilvest. Regarding the transmission or signing of a document, confirmation or any other request, record or document, clients are requested to contact their usual contact person at CBP Quilvest, where applicable at the email address communicated to them when entering into a relationship.


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This purpose of this website is to convey information to existing customers of CBP Quilvest as well as to persons who are not clients. The services presented on this website are however strictly dedicated to the people holding an account with CBP Quilvest.


The information published on this website, whether of a general nature (such as market information) or specific (such as investment products), are provided for information purposes only. This information is published without any commitment as to its completeness, accuracy and timeliness. It does not constitute an offer or a solicitation for the purchase or sale of financial instruments. It has no value as legal, accounting or tax advice and is only valid for the time the information is given. The information is not intended to be a substitute of the knowledge and skills of the users and should therefore be estimated with the advice of a qualified professional. Information may also come from external providers. To the exception of gross negligence wilful misconduct, CBP Quilvest shall not be held liable towards the users of the information and its direct and indirect consequences.

The distribution of this information, in particular when relating to investment funds, is limited or regulated by law in certain countries. More specifically, the distribution of information and the subscription to those investment funds may be prohibited or subject to prior authorization from the competent authorities. CBP Quilvest draws the attention of visitors of this website to the fact that this information is not addressed to persons or entities which, as a consequence of their nationality or residence, are subject to foreign law, prohibiting or restricting diffusion. People who are citizens of, among other countries (but without limitation), the United States of America, Canada and the United Kingdom are strongly invited to get information about the restrictions which may apply to them.

CBP Quilvest reserves the right to modify the contents of its website or make it inaccessible.


Giving orders or instructions requires a perfect knowledge of the rules and functioning of financial markets. It is intended for experienced investors who are aware of the quick fluctuations which may occur on certain financial markets, their speculative nature or their lack of liquidity.

If clients consider that they do not know the financial instruments in which they plan to invest and that they lack information about an operation they intend to conclude, they have to contact CBP Quilvest to determine whether the envisaged operation is consistent with their investor profile and investment objectives.

CBP Quilvest shall not bear any liability in relation to the appropriateness of a instructed transaction or the compliance of this transaction with the customer profile.


The full or partial reproduction or representation of pages, data and of any other constitutive element of the website, by any mean or medium, without the prior express consent of CBP Quilvest, is a forgery.


CBP Quilvest shall not be held liable if any of its clients is the victim of a phishing attack as a result of which confidential information relating to his account (s) is stolen.

Clients shall be extremely cautious with e-mails which they may receive from third parties pretending to be part of CBP Quilvest, and which may include, for example hyperlinks, or requiring to disclose access codes and CBP Quilvest shall not be held liable for any damages which the clients may incur in this regards.


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