About Us

CBP Quilvest

CBP’s merger with the Quilvest Group’s private banking activities in 2010 gave rise to Quilvest Wealth Management, broadening the strategic horizon of two entities that share the same values, such as:

  • desire for independence;
  • impartial advice;
  • transparency and
  • the belief that private wealth management has to be built on trust and long term performance.

Today, QWM enjoys an international reputation. This strong, sound and innovative financial structure consists in reputed international entities in key financial centers, including CBP Quilvest in Luxembourg.

QWM and CBP Quilvest’s activities are headed by Marc Hoffmann, Chief Executive Officer.

The qualities that make CBP Quilvest a trusted and excellent partner are:

  • sound independent position;
  • strong geographic roots;
  • unique strategic position;
  • strong track record;
  • professionals who listen to their clients;
  • a focus on long term performance.